Globe Valves

Globe valves are used to regulate the flow of fluids in a piping system. They are characterized by their two-piece design and a globe-shaped disk or plug used to control flow. Globe valves are one of the most versatile types available and can be used for both on/off and throttling applications. The construction of these valves allows them to provide superior performance characteristics compared to other valve styles, making them ideal for regulating pressure, temperature, and fluid levels in many industries. Some common uses include controlling water pressure in boilers, regulating steam pressure in power plants, controlling fuel oil delivery to furnaces, and adjusting hydraulic pressure in agricultural equipment. By providing precise control over these components, globe valves are essential in ensuring various systems' safe and efficient operation. In addition, globe valves are relatively easy to maintain and repair due to their simplified design.

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Globe Tee Valve

Globe Tee Valves

Globe Wye Valve

Globe Wye Valves

Globe Angle Valve

Globe Angle Valves

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When selecting the suitable valve for any given application, it's essential to consider cost and performance characteristics such as durability, flow control accuracy, pressure ratings, and response time. For these reasons and more, globe valves typically offer a great value proposition compared to other valves. So if you're looking for an effective way to regulate flow and pressure in your system, look no further than globe valves! With their wide range of applications and reliable performance capabilities, they will provide your system with the best possible results. With Isteel India, you can find the perfect globe valve solution for your needs.

Please browse our high-quality globe valves today and get the best performance possible from your system! With Isteel India, you can always count on superior customer service and fast delivery - so shop now and start experiencing the benefits of a reliable globe valve!

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Globe Valves Specification
Specification ASTM A351 / A494 & ASME SA351 / SA494
Design Standard BS 1873 & ANSI/ASME B 16.34
Pressure / Temperature Rating 13 BAR
Materials Carbon Steels, Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Martensitic Steels, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steels, Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Nickel Aluminum Bronze, Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium Alloy & Carbon Steel with Internal Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Overlay
Size 1/2" to 2" BSP
Pressure Rating ASME 150# to 2500#, API 3000 PSI to 20000 PSI
Working Pressure Up to 6000 PSIG, valves are also available that can handle higher pressure
End Connection Flanged End Raised Face, Butt Weld End, RTJ,. ETC
Temperature Rating PTFE 450F,(232C)/Grafoil 700 F(371C)
Pressure rating 150#,300#,600#,800#,1500#
Test (Inspection) Standard API 598
Construction details Single / Two / Three Piece Design / Side Entry / Trunnion / Block & Bleed / Soft and Metal Seated
Operator / Actuator 12” & Above - Class 150 & 300, 8” & Above - Class 600, 12” & Above - Class 900 & 1500
Brand Audco, BDK, LNT, KSB

Price List of Globe Valves

Stainless Steel GLobe Valves Valve Valves Price list
2 inch globe valve price US $10-580 / Piece
Globe Valve Price List In India US $9-470 / Piece
Globe Valve Price List 2016 US $10-550 / Piece
Globe Valve Price List 2015 In India US $10-7 / Piece
3 Inch Globe Valve Price India US $10-80 / Piece
6 Inch Globe Valve Price US $9-400 / Piece
4 Inch Globe Valve Price US $9-850 / Piece
Globe Valve Price List 2017 US $10-680 / Piece
Latest Globe Valve Price List US $10-80 / Piece

Other Types of Globe Valves

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Preview Matrials Grade Other Types
SS Globe Valves Stainless Steel, SS, Duplex & Super Duplex Steel, Austenitic Stainless Steel Gr 304, 304L, 316, 316L, S31803, S32205, S32750, S32760
Cast body - ASTM A351 grades CF3, CF8, CF3M, CF8M, CF8C, CN7M, CD4 MCu and etc.
SS 304 Globe Valve, UNS S31600 Globe Valve, UNS S32760 Globe Valve, Stainless Steel Globe Valves, 304 Stainless Steel Globe Valve, Stainless Steel Flanged Globe Valve, Duplex Stainless Steel Globe Valve, 316 Stainless Steel Globe Valve, Stainless Steel 3 Way Globe Valves, UNS S30400 Globe Valves, UNS S32205 Globe Valve, UNS S32750 Globe Valve, SS 316 Globe Valves, Stainless Steel 2 Way Globe Valve, DIN 1.4301 Globe Valves, Super Duplex Stainless Steel Globe Valve, Stainless Steel Y Types Globe Valves, UNS S31803 Globe Valve, SS Trunnion Globe Valve, Stainless Steel Globe Valve Supplier, Stainless Steel Globe Valve Manufacturer
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Power Industry

Architecture, Building and construction


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Fertilizers Industry

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Oil & Gas Industry

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