Types of Alloy Steel Valves

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In a piping device, a valve is a feature that is used to control the flow of the media through the system. This control is accomplished by the manipulation inside the valve of some form of obstructer. To control the valve using a power source such as compressed air or electricity, actuated valves use mechanical devices called ‘actuators’.

What are the different types of Alloy Steel Valves?

There are various types of alloy steel valves, such as, Alloy Steel Globe Valves, Alloy Steel Gate Valves, Alloy Steel Ball Valves, Alloy Steel Cryogenic Valves, Alloy Steel Check Valves, & Alloy Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves.

Alloy Steel Gate Valves

Alloy Steel gate valves are primarily used to intercept the flow in the power generation and oil & gas plants. Alloy steel gates valves are also referred to as sluice valves.

Alloy Steel Globe Valves

Alloy Steel Globe Valves are a kind of valve which are used for regulating flow in pipes. They may be used for networks that are isolated or throttled. They are widely used to control flow. It is relatively easy to maintain Globe Valves, which makes it extremely suitable for services requiring regular servicing of valves.  Globe Valves can be used in the fuel oil systems and cooling water systems where the flow needs to be regulated.

Alloy Steel Ball Valves

The alloy steel ball valves are made by using new exotic materials and coatings that helps in increasing its rates of mechanical resistance, chemical, pressure and temperature for critical services in process, fertilizers industry, mining, petrochemical, oil & gas, etc. They have many universal advantages such ass good reliability, easy automation, design, low maintenance, etc.

Alloy Steel Check Valves

Alloy steel check valves are mechanical valves that allow gases and liquids to flow only in one direction by preventing the process flow from reversing. The alloy steel check valves have two-port valves which means they have two openings in the body – one for entering the fluid and other for leaving. Fluid flow opens the valve in the desired direction, while backflow causes the closure of the valve. In a large range of applications, there are different types of check valves used.

Alloy Steel Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

The mechanical means of anchoring the ball at the top and bottom of the Trunnion Ball Valve is the normal configuration applied to larger and higher pressure valves. A sealed spindle to which the operator is connected controls the ball. Ball valves are meant to be used as instruments for on/off flow control and should not be used to throttle the flow of fluid.